About TDI

TDI Infratech is a pioneering real estate brand revamping the Indian real estate industry with a refined sense of the Indian dream of home-ownership. Operating on the fulcrum of high environmental standards and luxury lifestyle, our company strives to redefine urban living and realty culture.

“Extraordinary Reach. Extraordinary Results.” 

For over three decades, our team of real estate experts has been the market leader in North India. Headquartered in New Delhi, TDI Infratech has one of the largest regional and national networks with long-standing connections and partnerships in more than 60 zones.

“The Power of Deep Roots”

As veteran builders and developers, we deliver excellence in all stages of real estate development. Our unrivalled approach to project management from inception to completion dispenses absolute transparency and enables seamless collaboration among all the stakeholders – engineers, architects, designers, clients, and our team – catering to hands-on customer experience with the highest quality results, on time, on budget and on vision.

The Future of Real Estate since the 1980s

  • 30 years of legacy and continuing 
  • Presence across 10 cities and 6 states
  • 100+ commercial, residential and retail projects delivered
  • More than 75,000 buildings raised
  • Development Potential of 150 Million sq. ft. 
  • Workforce of 300+ employees
  • 200+ years of combined realty experience

Vision and Mission


“Luxury Real Estate: Redefined.”

Our vision is to be the builder of choice for value-minded clients and high-performing employees. We endeavour to be the first-rate provider of the finest construction services in the country by consistently improving the quality of our product and maintaining the highest standard of ethics, values and client-care. Authenticity, transparency and a holistic delivery of services are integral to TDI’s core values and shared vision. Our duty is to serve with character and purpose that brings honour to the God.


“Our only purpose is to deliver successful results.”

We strive to transform urban lives not just in Tier 1 cities but also redefine the current conventions of Indian commercial, residential and retail development in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Our three-decade long legacy enables us to navigate agencies and regulations with ease and to anticipate issues before they become problems. As a commercial construction company, we support India’ businesses today and inspire what’s yet to come tomorrow. At TDI Infratech, we help every client see their vision come to life.

We are on a mission:

To become the fastest growing pan-India company, with a versatile portfolio of properties, hailed for their design ingenuity, construction quality and long term value.

To stand for the highest standards in real estate quality both in terms of planning and executing ambitious projects and offering our clients the very best in urban luxury.

To maintain the highest ethical standards in dealing with all our stakeholders, clients and prospects by meeting and exceeding their expectations at every touch point.